Apr 28, 2013

New Prescriptions, Be Careful on Thinners!

New prescriptions can be dangerous while on blood thinners. Be very careful as to what doctors prescribe you. Make sure to ask them questions about any interactions with your thinners, if any. They should always be aware and knowledgeable.

Two years ago they put me on Prednisone to help heal my woulds. The doctors understood that this would thin out my blood a little, but the Prednisone had a rare reaction (happens to me all the time) with the Coumadin (Blood thinners) I was on, and I hemorrhaged from one of my ulcers at work twice, leaving a puddle of blood that would fill up your sink.

When experiencing a hemorrhage, lift up that part of your body in the air to slow down the blood flow, tie your limb with a belt or something that will also prevent more blood from flowing and call 911.

I don't call 911 anymore in these cases since I am fully aware of all the procedures to stop the hemorrhaging from continuing. Your 1st experience will be terrifying, keep calm, follow the steps to slow your blood flow and seek help.

The point is, blood thinners are very dangerous and should not be take lightly. Drinking has an adverse affect as well so be careful while you drink (if any), this too will thin out your blood.

Again, make sure you fully understand new prescriptions, look up your prescriptions online to see what drugs they may have interactions with. Doctors aren't perfect, some don't even check, you're the medical manager of your domain, own it and take it seriously.

Martin R Lemieux.

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