Aug 27, 2012

Canada Blood Clot Awareness - Facebook Page

I've just created a new Facebook page which is dedicated to helping individuals like yourself to prevent blood clots from forming. A blood clot is extremely dangerous which can lead to strokes, or even death. Please feel free to connect with this new group, post questions and share the link with your friends to help spread the word out.

Hundreds of thousands of Canadians suffer from blood clots every year, no one is truly safe, not even children. Our youth use technology to help their lives, but laziness is a silent killer!



Thank you for your support!

Martin R. Lemieux
Editor & Author

1 comment :

  1. I actually found this page from your Facebook group. I just had blood clots in my lungs a month ago so am quite new to the topic. Looking forward to learning more ways I could, perhaps, stay alive. :)