May 14, 2013

Day 4 - Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy: (DVT > Vasculitis > Chronic Ulcers)

Today was business as usual. My legs are continuing to improve with; swelling, pain and flexibility. Sitting there for 2 hours a day is starting to feel like a job, but the pay is much greater  The pay is a life back!

Patients usually don't see healing results until after about 16 sessions so it's a waiting game, but the wounds themselves look healthy.

Wound Care:

When you have an open wound, AIR is NOT the key. There's a major myth and misconception about this fact. Leaving your wound open in the air will cause the edges of the wound to close up too quickly, the result is those nasty scars you see

The key is moisture. Moisture is what keeps the wound healthy by allowing the blood to properly heal the wound in due time. Oxygen within your blood will help to rebuild new skin cells....

Too much moisture is not good either since it's a breeding ground for bacteria. If you notice yellow puss on your wound, it's a sign that the bacteria is winning, the yellow puss is the bacteria secretion (gross huh?).

The key to wound management, is moisture, changing your bandages regularly and use "Saline Solution", which is sterilized water to ensure bacteria prevention when you clean your wound. Remember to wash your hands prior and after you attend to your wound daily.

At the end of this week, I am going to perform an experiment trying on different compression fittings, new wound care products that never worked in the past. This will be a great indication that things are starting to look up.

Hyperbaric Chamber & Vasculitis:

As we know, Vasculitis attacks healthy blood vessel cells, by pumping pure oxygen within the chamber, your body is in full action building new blood cells at an alarming rate, thus by-passing the negative effects of the Vasculitis.

The best way I can explain it is with this: You can't take too much Vitamin C on a daily basis, your body will simply expel anything it doesn't use. The same with the pure oxygen, if your body needs it to heal, then it will take everything it needs, otherwise it will simply expel the excess.

Hyperbaric Chamber & Blood Clots:

With blood clots, they form and stop blood from flowing properly within your circulatory system. Blood brings oxygen to your system, a blood clot is cutting off that vital need. With the hyperbaric chamber, there's no way to stop oxygen into the system since it's being forced in at all angles with up to 280 pounds of pressure.

Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy is a new way to cure many illnesses, I strive to bring people like you a better awareness of what's out there that can help when no one else can.

A great start for the summer!

Remember: You are never alone while dealing with rare conditions, don't keep it all bottled in until it's too late mentally. Ask us questions, inquire about resources, be active in your pursuit to a healthy living!


Martin R. Lemieux

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