May 1, 2013

Prone to Clotting? Compression Fittings is the Key!

Those of you who are prone to clotting and have had 1 or more DVT's in either leg, may need to keep your legs compressed with compression stockings in order to maintain a balanced level of blood flow up and down your circulatory system.

Damage Done to Veins & Arteries:

Overtime, a blood clot will damage your veins & arteries by creating a bubble effect, stretching your life-line system due to the pressure of the blood trying to pass by the clot repeatedly. Have you ever seen a bubble on your watering hose? The same thing happens to your precious circulatory system, causing your legs to swell from the forces over time and prevents the blood from flowing back up your vein system to be purified by your heart.


BY: Martin R. Lemieux
Tweet: @CanadaBloodClot
FB: Canada Blood Clot Awareness

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