Jul 24, 2012

Nurses are Essential to Chronic Health for Long Term Healing

Yesterday, I was published in the Hamilton Spectator about the need for nurses to have more integrated responsibilites which would allow them to deal with chronic illnesses and other ailments on a more personal level. Below is the article that was published on the topic and afterwards I've posted the comment I made which was published in the Spectator just days later.

Better health care is different health care

Healthier patients and real saving: A nurse-led model is the solution

Our health care system is based on an on-demand model of physicians and hospitals providing acute and episodic care. While this system works well for the vast majority of citizens, it is a poor match for many of those with chronic diseases.


Nurses are essential to healing patients

Better health care is different health care (Opinion, July 20)

Nurses are the lifeblood to healing patients. At 34, with chronic pain due to life-threatening wound care and deep vein thrombosis, I rely on weekly nursing care to manage my wounds to keep the pain from preventing mobility, and to also ensure my five-year-old son has the same quality of life other children enjoy. 

After 15 years of countless run-ins with specialists and emergency doctors, I have to admit I don’t trust most of them. Not because they aren't sufficient as practitioners, but because they just don’t have the time and resources to care for my conditions with conviction, determination and due diligence. There is such a shortage of expert dermatologists that it takes up to six weeks to see a professional, sometimes longer.
Nurses are essential to keeping an eye on my conditions regularly.With many chronic illnesses, curing an individual quickly isn't on the agenda. It’s up to the person caring for the patient to attend to all of their needs as they occur. Nurses have that ability; they are extremely resourceful and truly want to maintain the level of contact and determination needed to heal a patient, or at least deal with their relentless barriers.
Martin R. Lemieux, Hamilton

Source: http://www.thespec.com/opinion/letters/article/765792--nurses-are-essential-to-healing-patients


  1. In addition to direct costs in health care, chronic diseases are a significant burden to the economy, through limitations in daily activities, loss in productivity and loss of days of work. A particular concern is the rising rates of overweight and obesity in all segments of the US population. Thanks.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I couldn't agree more. I myself have problems performing daily activities and being productive to help the economy. I try to tackle this by volunteering as much as possible, this way I feel better not only taking from community health care services, but giving back as well.