Jul 24, 2012

Welcome to My Chronic Illness Journal!

Hi everyone,

Yes, this marks the very 1st blog within my new "Chronic Illness" blog. In the near future you will see a multitude of topics go up very fast since I love to write and have many friends willing to share their stories.

What will this blog help with?

Individuals who are suffering from some form of chronic illness will be able to obtain great living practices, health tips, read through stories of others, find great sources online or sources offline and be able to share their own personal triumphs or hiccups in life.

Who can submit stories?

Anyone really who's had to deal with chronic illnesses or who helps others with chronic illness. All I ask is that you contact me for details on what to write about or to get a set of questions asked by myself for you to answer honestly. The more you're open and honest, the better readers can relate and understand what you go through.

Share chronic illness stories with others!

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Thank you for visiting!

Martin R. Lemieux, Editor
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