Jul 28, 2012

Some health-care myths debunked

TheSpec.comContributor: Stephen Skyvington
Source: The Hamilton Spectator

Preview: "And although you could have fit my knowledge about health care into a small syringe when I first started at the OMA, I feel uniquely qualified to comment on our health-care system thanks to the ringside seat I’ve occupied during the past 15-plus years — first with the OMA and since 2001, working with a number of health-care organizations and businesses as owner of my own public relations firm."


My Comment:

Health Care System Free, But at a Price!

Amen Mr. Skyvington! You hit the nail right on the hammer, outlining the difference between free and the appearance of free. You mentioned that you sat on the sidelines watching the play-makers, here's a small perspective from someone who's been in the pits personally.

Earlier this year, while waiting in emergency triage for 5 hours, I spoke to a man who had to hold his hand which was all wrapped up. He was holding an ice box. I asked, "what's in the icebox" and the man showed me 3/5 fingers from his right hand that had been cut off at work. This man sat there the entire time without pain killers, desperate to have surgery, while the bandages bled on the floor. Where was health care worker when he cried in pain?

Our health system is a business. It's a messy corporation with many levels of management all fighting for the same piece of the pie. If only we had the money to hire a personal care worker who's sole job is to help the helpless at the emergency! Wait we do have the money, it's just spent on; expensive lunches, field trips, private jets and 250k salaries. What a joke.

In the end, the public really needs to start being more active when it comes to our health care system. Our health system is free, but it comes at a price. If we sit back to watch, the word "free" will no longer matter in the years to come, there will be no such thing.


M.R. Lemieux

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